It's been a while since I ate pizza. delicious. I also bought an LED light. Very cool! that's all.

I have a deep complex about my appearance and don't usually take selfies, but for the first time I tried using an app to make myself into a woman for fun.I was surprised that the conversion was done with such high accuracy. My skin in real life is in much worse condition than this image. But even if it's a lie, it feels good to be clean 😆. Also, she's surprisingly my type of girl lol.Are there many people who are attracted to people of the opposite sex who have facial features similar to their own?
And I realized once again that I wanted to be cute rather than cool. Someday I would like to dress like a woman in real life like a femboy. I love straight black hair, which is typical of Japanese people. After that, I was surprised that the short cut looked good on me as well.As a girl, I don't think being short is a bad thing.