A♭0uT mE

  • 18
  • he/him
  • Japan
  • Vocational school student
  • ADHD
    Social phobia
・unique anime and films
・social media
・absurd world
・people around me

Hi!Thank you for visiting this site!I can't think of a name and it doesn't matter.My English is bad, so I'm pasting the translation almost as it is. (I'm going to write my diary in Japanese.) I don't have a place in real life, so I made it to express and record myself. I'm aiming to be an animation creater, so I mainly want people to see my art. It's been over two years since I became addicted to anime and movies, and thanks to the many works that have shaped me into who I am today, I was able to pursue my dreams and hobbies. But I still feel depressed every day because of school, and my mental state often collapses. I have social phobia so much that I can't make eye contact with people, so even living with my family is stressful.There are times when everything feels boring these days,and I feel like I'm going to kill myself someday.